Interior Exterior Painting


Interior services

Exterior services

Exterior services

 Do you have a project or idea that you would like to bring to life for your house ? We provide our clients with a wide range of painting and staining related services at competitive market rates. 

Our painting company Interior services includes:

    floor  and furniture protection 

    room fixture and detail masking 

    wall surface preparation 

    repairing drywall cracks, nail holes 

    and   other surface  imperfections

    high quality paint application 

    wall paper removal

​    wood work painting (baseboard, chair rail,  crown molding, doors, cabinets,  hand rail)  

   spry ceiling painting company house paint

exterior painting house renovation

Exterior services

Exterior services

Exterior services

Express Painting schedule a start date and a time - frame that works you. We go over in details what portion of your home's exterior you plan repainting or staining .We also inspect areas to assess any current damage or blemishes include peeling, mildew,paint chalk, and other common areas that are likely to fail.This helps guarantee your  new paint or stain will no fail and will stand the test time. 

Exterior Painting services  includes: 

​    remove light fixtures, house  numbers,hoses,planters or other surfaces/objects

      cover and protect outdoor furniture 

      repair any holes, cracks and others imperfections

     scrape and sand  all loose or peeling paint down to a painting surface

     prime any bare or exposed materials before painting